The DigiWorkz Program is a part of the strategic goals for the 2015 through 2020 Foresee Foundation roadmap. This roadmap is to improve innovation and creativity amongst the youth of St. Maarten. The DigiWorks program, which is not yet implemented or fully defined, will be made up of projects, maker labs and different events.

Goals and Activities of the DigiWorkz program may include the following:

  • Creating and maintaining Makers Lab (under ownership)
  • Organizing workshops in and with the Makers Labs
  • Organizing a Makers Fair (different from a Science Fair)
  • Create a platform for showcasing Makers talents
  • Giving grants to innovation, science, technology, engineering and/or math projects
  • Assisting schools and organizations with their Makers Labs, technology/innovation initiatives and events
  • Create a platform and knowledge center for the whole community with regards to making, innovating, coding, engineering and researching.