NPOwer is a community based project under Foresee Foundation and  highlights the  important role of Non-Profits Organizations (NPOs). St. Maarten has a large number of NPOs. Most of them are relatively small organizations that function with volunteers and/or have less than 10 employed persons. Considering the critical role they play in the community, the local NPOs have indicated the need for support in terms of:

  • Capacity strengthening (volunteerism, governance, financing, programs, internships, communication)
  • Coordination and streamlining of initiatives by NGOs (online database and joint facebook group):
    a platform where NPOs will be heard and can share their purpose, activities and achievements with each other and other stakeholders including government, the general public, the business community and more (i.e. events highlighting role of NGOs, representation of NPOs)
  • Support for organizations with various NPO-related topics such as project and grant writing, governance, fundraising techniques, tax legislation, legal matters, and other issues that contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of non-profits.

For more information on our local NPOs and support, visit the NPOwe website at



The NPOwer Facebook page “sxm community service organizations’ highlights and shares activities of the St. Maarten non-profit sector: