Television and Digital Board Project

Television and Digital Board Project

The Television Project

In 2017 Foresee Foundation came in contact with Belmond La Samanna, in Saint Martin. The resort was refurbishing his hotel rooms and offered to donate all its ninety 42-inch flat screen televisions. Foresee Foundation proposed to share them among schools. All televisions were picked up and reinstalled. Afterward mountings systems were purchased for a number of TVs. All televisions were delivered to 25 schools and some other non-profit organizations.

Pictures of moving and putting up the televisions

The Digital Board Project

Through the Atlanta based business partner PowerUpEDU, Foresee Foundation received 23 Digital boards from the Holy Innocant’s Episcopal School. With the assistance of King Ocean and CTC shipping companies the boards arrived in St. Maarten just before hurricane Irma and were moved from the warehouse on the day before the hurricane. Fortunately the boards were not damaged. With the assistance of Marcus Nicolaas, former Board member and active volunteer, the boards were tested and installed at  4 schools, Milton Peters College, St. Dominic High School, St.  Maarten Academy and the MAC school.

Pictures of moving and putting up the digital boards